1957 Cameo Pickup

AMT 1957 Cameo pickup built as a street machine.    The stock front clip has been replaced by one from an AMT Nascar kit.  Wheels and tires are from the parts box.  Motor also came from the Nascar kit as did the rear end

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57CameoStreet_01.JPG (60776 bytes)
1.  Nascar front frame is glued in and checking the stance
57CameoStreet_02.JPG (63726 bytes)
2.  From the side.
57CameoStreet_03.JPG (65014 bytes)
3.  From the front...
57CameoStreet_04.jpg (85153 bytes)
4.  Frame and body is painted, Nascar block is built up and test fitted.
57CameoStreet_05.jpg (81331 bytes)
5.  Close up of the front suspension and Nascar block.
57CameoStreet_06.jpg (69653 bytes)
6.  Checking for clearance between the motor and interior tub
57CameoStreet_07.jpg (69743 bytes)
7.  Checking the fit of the interior tub and body.
57CameoStreet_08.JPG (75636 bytes)
8.  Front suspension completed.
57CameoStreet_09.JPG (78089 bytes)
9.  Overall shot of the frame with suspension
57CameoStreet_10.JPG (80762 bytes)
10.  Motor installed
57CameoStreet_11.JPG (80551 bytes)
11.  Exhaust also installed
57CameoStreet_12.JPG (91460 bytes)
12.  Chassis from the top.
57CameoStreet_13.JPG (88987 bytes)
13.  From the bottom
57CameoStreet_14.JPG (81802 bytes)
14.  We have a rolling chassis
57CameoStreet_15.JPG (80698 bytes)
15.  Rolling chassis with the interior tub.
57CameoStreet_16.JPG (87791 bytes)
16.  Mockup with completed interior and firewall.
57CameoStreet_17.JPG (61566 bytes)
17.  Mockup with painted body and completed chassis.
57CameoStreet_18.JPG (63685 bytes)
18.  Still needs BMF and the wood bed painted
57CameoStreet_19.JPG (62781 bytes)
19.  From another angle
57CameoStreet_20.JPG (87334 bytes)
20.  Front and center on the bench....