Fall Guy truck.....  

Initial mockup with the extended bed and lengthened frame.

Not sure if these kit tires will be used, they seem too large compared to the truck in the show.  This top photo
has the knobs on the sidewall removed and some pretty aggressive sanding done to the tread area.

This is tire is the way they come in the 84 GMC kit.

The remains from the donor truck bed and frame.

Comparison shot with the original Fall Guy truck kit body.

Some body work completed.

Built a larger compartment for the truck bed to fit the lengthened box.

Beginning to work on the frame and motor.

Body primed and ready for paint.

Motor is built up and installed.  Added plug wires to the kit motor.

Back to the body....  added thin plastic around the wheel wells, Bare Metal Foil will cover these after paint and clear is applied

The molding around the rear window was very rough.  Here I've removed the old and am ready to add new half round
styrene.  Also note how rough the drip rail about the driver door is.

New rear window molding is added and the drip rail above the doors has also been removed and replaced.

Painted and decalled the body.

Added some plastic strip to the side to replicate the body moldings.

Added BMF to the new body moldings and added the flat black paint to the center.  Also BMF'd the rest of the trim on the body.

Interior completed

Wound some wire for a more realistic look on the front winch.  Most of this will be out of sight between that front guard and grill...

Still need to attach one of the running lights and possibly add some resin to the lights and turn signals.

Engine bay is pretty much completed...

Body and bed are attached to the frame.  Have some touchups to do to the chrome side moldings but we're getting close...

Mockup on the kit wheels and tire....  need to find better options.

Mockup using the wheels and tires from a Daisy Duke Jeep kit

Finished the exhaust and lengthened the frame so I could install the rear bumper

Rear bumper installed, still need to add the license plate

Used some strips of BMF to simulate the sliding rear window

Removed the front winch and grill guard; reattached it with some adjustment so it wasn't leaning back towards the grill

The finished truck....

Reworked some more.....  trimmed the rims down a little and toned them down with some paint.  Remounted the tires so the truck has a wider stance.  Also added a chrome strip to the top of the tailgate.