Paint Room

I finally took some time and made a paintbooth down in my basement.  I wish I would have done this a long time ago as I can paint anytime I want to.  No fumes in the house and I don't have to back the vehicles out of the garage to paint.  No more fighting with the cold winter days or the hot and humid summer days.....

Paintbooth_01.JPG (88434 bytes) Back of the paint booth showing how the blower is attached to the paint booth.
Paintbooth_02.JPG (87033 bytes) From the side.  All seams caulked to keep the fumes from escaping.  It's not pretty but it works.
Paintbooth_03.JPG (89965 bytes) Paint booth after a few test runs
Paintbooth_04.JPG (100832 bytes) Overall shot of the old kitchen cabinets and countertop I recently put in this room.  There is plenty of storage space and counter top space.  I can leave the freshly painted bodies and parts on the counter and leave the paint booth blower running to exhaust the fumes as the paint gasses out.  The plan is to use the lower cabinets to house a compressor when I step up to an air brush system.
Paintbooth_05.JPG (94005 bytes) Upper corner cabinet has a lazy susan that I use to store my spray cans.  If I run out of room up there I can start using the lazy susan from the lower corner cabinet as well.
Paintbooth_06.JPG (80662 bytes) Storage for paint stands (old paint bottles and spray cans), tape, CSC, Future, towels, and so on.  A couple of the other cabinets house my magazines that I use for reference material but for the most part the rest are empty and waiting to be used as storage.
Paintbooth_07.JPG (81284 bytes) The first few rounds of parts to come through the booth.