AMT 1966 Fairlane Buildup  

In the following links I will show how I go about converting the AMT 1966 Ford Fairlane into a 1967 stock car.  These directions build up a SHELF MODEL ONLY....  if you are going for an all out detailed and period correct stock car then don't go any further.  I build these cars so they capture the look of the original stock cars so some of the detail that isn't typically seen on a shelf model hasn't been incorporated into the build.  Most of the build details and ideas have been picked up from the members on Randy's Nascar Modelling Board. 

Here's a shot of the car I will be trying to replicate with this build:

Chassis/Interior/Body Parts Cleanup and Modifications

Chassis, Suspension, and Interior build up

Roll Cage

Final Assembly

Here's a shot of the finished product...  Good luck with your build!!!