Chassis, Suspension, Interior buildup  

1.  Start by gluing the pedals to the dash.

2.  Completed assembly.

3.  Attach the firewall to the chassis.

4.  Followed by the 2 inner fenders.

5.  Glue the radiator assembly in place.

6.  Get the spindles, upper A arms, and springs together.

7.  Glue one of the spring to the upper A arm...

8.  Glue that assembly to the inner fender unit...

9.  followed by the spindle.  I flip the spindle over compared to the kit instructions.

10.  Do the same 3 steps for the other side.

11.  Locate the leaf spring and rear axle unit.

12.  Glue one of the leaf springs to the axle...

13.  followed by the other.  Don't worry about this being completed square as you'll want to glue it to the frame before it dries completely.  This will insure a good fit and will square everything up on this assembly.

14.  Attach leaf springs to the frame.

15.  Add the transmission mount.

16.  Start the interior build up by attaching the driver's side panel on the passenger side of the chassis.  This puts the smooth side of this part to the inside of the interior.

17.  Do the same for the passenger side panel on the driver's side.

18.  Now add the modified rear seat unit.  This will square up the side panels.

19.  When gluing in the rear seat, use the side panels as a guide.  You want the top of the rear seat to be flush with the top of the side panels.

20.  Cut a new back panel from some sheet plastic.  I use .040 sheet and a template I made as a guide.  Glue it in place once you have it trimmed to fit.

21.  Throw the body on to see how everything fits.  The rear package shelf will hold the body level on the chassis.

22.  Another view of the rear package shelf...