This page will describe how I photograph my model cars.  

I have tried many different methods for photographing my cars.  Taking the car outside in the natural sunlight isn't option all the time.  The following set up is what I use with pretty good results.

1.  Give yourself a lot of light.  I use one of those double construction lights with two 300 watt bulbs.  That light is positioned about 3 feet back and a 3 feet above the model.  I also have a 60 watt bulb directly above the car to help reduce the shadows directly behind the car.

2.  Reflect some light onto the lower portions of the car.  This is easily accomplished by taking a couple normal sheets of paper, folding them in half, and positioning them on either side of the model.  Position them as close as possible without being in the camera's frame.

3.  I have a camera that allows me to set the white balance.  Setting the white balance for the lighting conditions has given me much better results than the normal indoor setting.

4.  When taking photos I set my camera to record the photos twice as large as the size I want to store them as.  A photo editor program is used to shrink the photo by 50%.

5.  This first photo shows the typical setup I use when photographing my models.  You can see the double construction light in the foreground as well as the light above the subject.

6.  The next photo is a closer shot of the model and background.  The car is sitting on a 12" X 12' ceramic tile wrapped with checker fabric.  I also prop up a 12" X 12" ceramic tile for the background.  You can also see the 2 sheets of paper folded in half and placed on either side of the model.  Very simple but effective.  For multiple car photos all you have to do is find a larger base and background.  I found some colored construction foam at a craft store and use that for group shots.  

7.  Here is an example of a photo of the model used in the above examples.