Polar Lights Talladega/Cyclone Buildup  

With a little bit of work and patience, the Polar Lights Talladegas and Cyclones can be built up to resemble some beautiful race cars.  The following pages show how I tackle these kits and covers the modifications I do to the different assemblies.  Most all of these tips have been picked up on the net by reading and following the Nascar discussion boards.  Keep in mind that the modifications shown are the ones I prefer and that there may be different or better ways to tackle some of the issues with these kits that you may prefer.

In the end, these kits do have their challenges but the finished product is well worth the effort!

Chassis Parts Cleanup and Modifications

Chassis Buildup prior to painting

Suspension Buildup prior to painting

Interior Buildup

Exterior Modifications

Engine Buildup

Chassis Final Assembly

Engine Final Assembly

Wheel and Body Final Assembly