Talladega Exterior Modifications  

1.  First thing that has to be fixed is that nose!  Here's an overall shot of the body sitting on a completed chassis.  Notice how the nose is pointing up.

2.  Here's a closer shot of how the nose doesn't sit down on the front hoop.  When we are finished with the hot water we'll have it down where it belongs..

3.  Before we throw the nose in some hot water let's make a relief cut on the inner fender sheet metal.  The tip of the knife shows where we will be cutting..

4. The relief cuts are done so we're ready for some hot water.

5.  Get a pot of water and heat it up to the point of boiling on your stove.  Simply dip the nose of the body into the water for a few seconds.  Go slow and do not leave that body in too long.  Pull the body out of the water and gently pull that nose down keeping pressure on it until it is cool enough to keep its new form.  Have a built up chassis ready for test fitting as you go.  This may take a few dips to get the nose where you want it.  Here is an overall shot of the fixed body on the same chassis as before.

6.  Here is a close up shot showing how the inner front fenders are now resting on the front hoop like they should.  Clean up the rest of the body and hood and you are ready for primer.