Talladega Final Chassis Assembly  

This is where it gets fun!  All sub assemblies have been built up and painted.  All individual parts have been cleaned up and painted as well.  Now all we need to do is glue everything together to get a finished model....

1.  The body is painted but needs some minor touch ups and some detail painting.

2.  Another view of the body..

3.  Start the final assembly of the chassis and interior by rounding up all of the painted parts shown below..

4.  This is a shot of the chassis pan from below showing the painted suspensions.

5.  First thing to attach is the pedals to the back of the firewall..

6.  Next, attach the rest of the interior pieces that do not interfere with the cage assembly.

7.  This shot shows all of the pieces attached to the chassis pan.

8.  Next up is the front springs.  Notice that I haven't painted the pins on either end.  Those need to be snipped off so you can slide them in to the front suspension assembly..

9.  This photo shows the drivers side installed.

10.  Now we are ready to attach the main cage, the front hoop, and the rear chassis panel.

11.  Main cage has been added.

12.  Rear chassis panel added.

13.  And the front hoop....

14.  Now we can finish up the interior pieces.

15.  Start with the seat.

16.  Followed by the dash.

17.  The steering wheel..

17.  And finally, the rear view mirror.

18.  The last of the chassis parts to add are the shocks.

19.  The rear shocks still need to be trimmed for a better fit.  This shot doesn't show it real well but the tips of all 4 shocks need to be snipped off.

20.  Take your time installing the shock, trimming them a little at a time until the rest against the upper mounts.  This shot shows all 4 install from the bottom of the car.

21.  And from the top.

22.  Move to the front and install the forward shock and sway bar.

23.  Continue by adding the rearward front shock.  That's it for the chassis.  Next we will install the motor.