Talladega Final Engine Assembly  

Installing the engine and final assembly.  All parts are painted prior to starting these steps.

1.  Start by attaching the drive shaft to the rear end.

2.  Drop the motor in and glue to the front cross member, transmission mount, and to the drive shaft.

3.  From the bottom.

4.  Next we will install the alternator, fan, anf fan belts.

5.  Glue the alternator to the fan belt followed by gluing that assembly to the front of the motor..

6.  I usually trim the mounting pin on the fan for the 429 motors.  That amount I trim off is marked in silver in this photo.

7.  This shot shows the fan mounted to the front of the motor.

8.  Next in line are the valve covers.  There should be plenty of room between those trimmed down hoop supports for these to slide right in to place.

9.  Add the distributor.

10.  Followed by the carb.

11.  The radiator.

12.  The radiator hoses.

13.  Add the coil to the front of the left valve cover.

14.  Next, attach the oil filter to the front hoop bar.

15.  And finally, the air cleaner.  That is it for the engine compartment.  Next we will flip the car over and add the exhaust and starter.

16.  Start by gluing one of the headers in place and slide the exhaust pipe up to it so we can mark and trim the extension we added earlier.

17.  This photo shows both sides trimmed and installed.

17.  It's hard to see, but in this photo you can see the starter has been put in place and glued to the bell housing.  Adding this last makes it easier to get that header installed.

** Note - you will notice that I have not added the transmission linkage.  If you want that added I would suggest that you trim it and add it at this point.  If you have it added before installing the motor, it will hit the transmission tunnel and affect the position of the motor in the frame.  Typically I leave the linkage off altogether.