Talladega Interior Buildup  

1.  This page will focus on the interior pieces that will be installed in the assembled and painted chassis and roll cage. Lets start with the seat - the one piece that needs a little modification. Clean the 2 halves up.

2.  Glue the halves together and let it dry completely.

3.  In order to get the seat to sit level in the chassis you will need to trim some plastic on the side that is towards the interior of the car.  The seat on the left has the part marked in black that will be removed.  The seat on the right is already trimmed and detail painted.

4. Here are the rest of the pieces for the interior and chassis that have been removed from the parts trees and cleaned up.  I prep these for detail painting so I can paint them at the same time as the engine parts.

5. The only pieces left to pre-assemble in the interior are the rear end cooler and the rear end cooler fan.

6. Here they are glued together and ready for paint.