Model Car Room and Workbench

door.jpg (52890 bytes) This is the entry to my model car room.  Right outside the door is a closet that holds all of my completed models - all boxed up and waiting for a display cabinet to be built.  Yes I am a huge Mark Martin and Ford car fan.  You have to have a stereo to keep the music going as you build late at night.....
CompletedCloset.jpg (66421 bytes) This is a shot into the completed closet.  The small white boxes are stacked 3 deep and each contain 1 car.  The other boxes hold multiple cars and the large boxes on the bottom are full of built-up models used for parts...
AllCleanedUp.jpg (59656 bytes) Behind those closet doors is my pile of future victims.  The chair will hopefully be replaced with a recliner someday...
FutureVictims.jpg (78252 bytes) Kits piled floor to ceiling in the closets.  I try to keep them organized by category but the Nascars are starting to take over multiple shelves...
Workbench.jpg (86999 bytes) The workbench and computer station.  Workbench is an old letter sorter desk from a post office.  I removed most of the dividers and can keep 24 projects going at all times and organized.  I have room for the box and a slot for the sub assemblies for that project.  I also have room left over to keep my paints and tools organized as well as some left over slots for bodies that are drying.  The stack of kits on top of the computer station are Nascar donor kits for the after market decals I have - which are stored in the large yellow envelopes on the desk.

This next section of photos shows how I typically attack multiple Nascar projects

9NascarProjects_1.jpg (100044 bytes)

This is a shot of 9 Nascar projects that I had ready for primer and paint...

9NascarProjects_2.jpg (91221 bytes)

I build up the entire chassis and roll cage prior to painting...

9NascarProjects_3.jpg (92590 bytes)

9 Nascar bodies ready for primer - flat white, gray, or flat black depending on the final color of the body.  In this case these are all 98/99 Ford Taurus cars.

9NascarProjects_4.jpg (98324 bytes)

Misc parts for those 9 Nascars - anything that needs to be primed and painted a color that I will also be using on the bodies or chassis.

9NascarProjects_5.jpg (85878 bytes)

Misc pieces painted and ready for sub-assembly or final assembly.

9NascarProjects_6.jpg (93078 bytes)

9 sets of tires scuffed and ready for rims - which are painted and drying.  Engine blocks assembled and ready for paint.

9NascarProjects_7.jpg (106183 bytes)

9 sets of tires ready for the cars.  I think I counted 200+ decals that were applied to this pile of tires and rims.  Other misc pieces painted and ready to go.

9NascarProjects_8.jpg (126337 bytes)

Some of the bodies painted and mocked up on the completed chassis and wheels.  I really enjoy decaling Nascar models so I usually leave the best for last....

Some random photos of different projects as they made their way across my workbench over the past few years...

BenchTop_01.JPG (54689 bytes)

A good mix of projects - everything from trucks to muscle cars to Nascar to drag cars.

BenchTop_02.JPG (59053 bytes)

More cars with the major components of the chassis completed.

BenchTop_03.jpg (73722 bytes)

4 Nascar chassis and roll cages builtup - waiting for tires and bodies.

BenchTop_04.jpg (69045 bytes)

4 Nascar chassis with wheels and tires added.

BenchTop_05.jpg (69631 bytes)

Partially decaled bodies and painted chassis

BenchTop_06.jpg (73473 bytes)

Partially decaled bodies married to the completed chassis.

BenchTop_07.jpg (46403 bytes)

Freshly painted 66 Mustang and 70 Boss Mustang

BenchTop_08.jpg (44255 bytes)

Freshly painted 40 Ford convert and 62 Bel Air

BenchTop_09.jpg (70253 bytes)

Spent the day spraying flat black parts...

BenchTop_10.jpg (164202 bytes)

Focusing entirely on completing the 69 Dodge Charger.

BenchTop_11.JPG (60810 bytes)

Sat down one day and decided to foil a bunch of stalled projects....  this is where I was at around lunch time.

BenchTop_12.JPG (60518 bytes)

Managed to finish foiling 11 bodies by the end of that day.....  

BenchTop_13.JPG (60613 bytes)

A bunch of projects that got decals one day.

BenchTop_14.jpg (61716 bytes)

40 Ford Delivery and a 69 Cuda waiting for final assembly.

BenchTop_15.JPG (61850 bytes)

A day of painting.  A couple Maz cars and a Pearson Talladega are included in this batch.

BenchTop_16.JPG (54813 bytes)

Max Cuda and 41 Willys, 69 Shelby Mustang and a 62 TBird

BenchTop_17.JPG (42899 bytes)

Painted the blue on the Pearson Talladega and on a 41 Ford Woody.  Some chassis buildup on the Pearson and Maz cars.

BenchTop_18.JPG (56583 bytes)

Some red projects - Maz Cuda and Willys, 67 Shelby Mustang, and 69 Cuda.

BenchTop_19.JPG (57875 bytes)

Brush painting the wood details on a couple Woody bodies....

BenchTop_20.JPG (50092 bytes)

Brush painting completed on the Woodies.

PaintedBodies.jpg (103291 bytes)

Some painted bodies drying on the desk - this was prior to setting up a computer on this desk...

BenchTop_21.jpg (109813 bytes)

Painting misc pieces and getting ready to assemble some Nascar tires.

BenchTop_22.jpg (153442 bytes)

9 sets of Nascar tires finished.

BenchTop_23.jpg (121265 bytes)

Cleaning up and assembling chassis' for some Nascars.

BenchTop_24.jpg (121330 bytes)

Nascar bodies painted and drying while I build up the chassis'

BenchTop_25.jpg (93240 bytes)

Completed Nascar Chassis'

BenchTop_26.jpg (76518 bytes)

Mockup's prior to decalling.